vandetc-005The purpose of this blog is to give an extra dimension to your time in your garden.

It’s not about growing bigger or better or brighter flowers. It’s about magnifying your delight in and connection with your garden

I don’t know who first said, “Plants are people too.” but there is more than a scintilla of truth in that. Certainly they are part of our lives far beyond their presence in our garden. We eat them, wear them, read from them, sleep on them and heal ourselves with them.

In this blog I aim to talk about both gardens and gardeners – and what they have learned from their plants and gardens. It’s not about how to grow plants, but about how plants have grown and enriched us.

I think everyone who gardens thoughtfully is wiser and more emotionally richer and more insightful than they would have been if they stayed on the sofa watching television. Yes, even if all they have is a couple of pots on the balcony.

Myself, I value the extra depth of contemplation I get from my garden. I value the connection I find to other gardeners and garden writers. I enjoy getting my fingers in the earth and smelling its  richness.

Do you value those things? Perhaps we can share them.


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