From time to time I’ll be adding some of my favourite books to this list. Usually I will have reviewed them in a post. Reviews are also be posted on

My most favourite garden book is Mr Owita’s Guide to Gardening:  How I learned the unexpected joy of a green thumb and an open heart by Carol Wall. If you are going through a difficult patch read this book. Better still, if you know someone who is going through a difficult patch, give it to them.

I also liked V. Sackville-West’s GARDEN BOOK. Vita Sackville-West bought a broken down old English castle and made a world-famous garden around it. This book is a compilation of some of her gardening columns. Yes, it is a little dated, published first in 1968, but it puts a new perspecitive on gardening – and Vita really knew her plants.

Barbara Blossom Ashmun “Garden Retreat”. Published by Chronicle Books

Sonia Day “The Urban Gardener Indoors” Published by Key Porter


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