Foxglove Corner

2010-05-07 10.51.12This blog aims to create a community of people who are coming to realize the pleasure and value of their garden, wherever it is, and whether it is large or small. We get peace and emotional strength from our garden.

Perhaps by knowing more about the trees and flowers and other gardeners we can find more of the strength we need. There is strength in nature and in our connection to it.

Many of my friends love nature and plants nearby and across the continent and across the world. We share a deep interest in our gardens, and we find calm and strength there. We know our garden – our own small piece of nature – is a steadying force in our life. It balances us and gives us some of the peace we need to face whatever life brings.

A garden is a natural place of pleasure, for making you feel better, more refreshed, more relaxed. Even renewed. Maybe together we can find ways to do that.

I garden in the south-west corner of Canada – the  lower Fraser Valley, near Vancouver. It is known as temperate rain forest. Where is your garden?


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