Book review – ‘Mr Owita’s Guide to Gardening’

Spoiler alert! This is not a guide to gardening; it does not tell you how to plant cabbages or avoid mildew.

It is more a guide to life; more specifically a guide to how to survive when life seems at its worst. It is the story of two people facing some of life’s nastiest issues and curviest balls.

I highly recommend it if you are going through any kind of bad patch. Better still, give it as a gift to someone else if they need emotional reinforcement.

The book opens as the writer, Carol Hall, looks at her yard and realizes it is a mess. It needs someone to bring it to respectability. Her neighbour’s garden looks quite attractive, so Carol will ask the name of the gardener.

Cue Mr Owita.

This is a man full of surprises. His quiet influence causes the writer to pack away all her normal expectations and learn to approach life in a new way. Doing this, she openly reveals her weaknesses in a way most of us would rather not do.

This is a book not only written by a competent writer but which treads the line of revealing powerful relationships without descending into sentimentality. It’s a book about feelings and perceptions revealed in a practical, common-sensical way.

If this sounds like something you would enjoy then I urge you to get hold of ‘Mr Owita’s Guide to Gardening’. It helps to see how others have faced everyday, big time adversity.


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