Garden Refresher

cropped-vandetc-006.jpgDo you ever look out at your garden feeling tired? Somehow it doesn’t look as inviting as it did before. The colours aren’t as vibrant. A couple of flowers are wilting.

Looking harder you can see work to be done. You can see a few (a lot of?) weeds starting to look prosperous and there’s a shrub that suddenly seems to be looming over a smaller plant.

Someone should attack those weeds. Someone should cut that bush back to the size it was only yesterday. (It was only yesterday, wasn’t it? Although it couldn’t possibly have thrust that branch out overnight.)

And the someone who needs to do the work is you. But right now you don’t have the oomph to get to it, so sit down and enjoy what’s good about your garden right now.

Spot the flower that is just coming into bloom. Notice the plant that was looking  droopy – it has straightened up and it looks as if it might survive. Maybe, with a little water it will settle in even better.

You go over and water it, to give it some encouragement. While you’re up on your feet you might as well lop those branches off that shrub. It won’t take long.

Come to think of it, you might as well attack those weeds before they flower and set seed and you’ve got dozens more.

So an hour in your garden begins and at the end of it you might be body tired but you are not weary. Your inner self is refreshed and you see your garden with eyes that are clearer.

You see the beauty you have made,


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