Nine Ways to Get More Pleasure from your Garden

2012-06-06 08.29.06

You have put time and energy into your garden. Now you deserve to get a little something back. Are you getting maximum pleasure from the garden you have made? Think about these nine way to increase your pleasure from your garden.

You’ve created beauty – now it’s time to enjoy it!

  1. Put a comfortable chair outside and sit in it whenever the weather permits.
  2. Have a small table outside, beside the chair, for your book, a drink or a snack
  3. When you’re finished working in the garden, sit for a few minutes enjoying the place you have made.
  4. As you look around your garden don’t criticize (“That hedge is getting too straggly.” “I didn’t plant the begonias close enough to the edge.”)
  5. Be grateful for the beauty you are seeing, and give yourself a pat on the back for having worked to create it.
  6. Don’t look on garden tasks as a chore. See each one as a step to making your garden more beautiful. you’re not weeding the front border, you’re giving the alyssum or roses more space to grow healthy.
  7. Share your lovelier flowers with someone who is shut in.
  8. Take time to learn more about your plants so you understand why they do well (or don’t do well). Maybe you can help them to grow better next year.
  9. Is there one bit of your garden you really don’t like? Brainstorm with all your friends, acquaintances, Find ways to conceal it, change it, reduce it, move it or find some other way to make it please your eye.

Do you have more ideas for ways to increase your pleasure in your garden? Please comment and share them.


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