Raven makes an offer

As I was walking this morning I heard hoarse bird sounds coming from somewhere high above me.I looked up to the top of one of those huge pylons that carry electricity across the country. Way up high I saw a pair of ravens with one leaning cosily towards the other.

If you’ve ever heard ravens you’ll know that they have very hoarse, gutteral voices, but this raven – the male? – was trying his best to soften it. It seemed as if he really wanted to make a soft coo. Alas, his voice did not seem to adapt well to cooing. Time and again he tried to wrap his deep “Gronk” around a soft persuasive coo. Some attempts worked better than others.

Was the female persuaded by his efforts? Hard to say.  She didn’t join in or reply, but at least she didn’t fly away. I left them, with him persisting in trying to make a ‘coo’ out of his bad-sore-throat voice and his potential mate considering his offer.


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