March 4th

I’m loving the signs of spring – new ones every day. In the garden first there were the pale mauve species crocus, and now the deep purple ones brighten the garden. On a sunny day they open their cups to the warmth and light, showing off their bright orange centres. Purple and orange together – who’d a thunk it?

They stood bravely until a very heavy downpour of rain yesterday morning. They some quietly laid down on the moss. I keep watching them today to see if any have the strength to stand up again.

I have a tiny cluster of snowdrops too. Each year I plant snowdrop bulbs and they disappear over the winter, except for this one cluster that return faithfully every spring. They grow up through a small heather plant and it looks as if the heather plant has snowdrop flowers.

A few primula are braving the weather too – tiny punctuation marks of colour, randomly spread. Some of the later bulbs are stirring to life too – daffodils, tulips and bluebells anticipating warmer weather. Above them the hazel catkins tremble in a gust of wind and even the red alder catkins are lengthening.It’s the most encouraging time of year.


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