Renee’s Garden

This morning I received an envelope from Renee’s Garden. Besides sending me a free package of seeds (and I love freebies) Renee sent me a color brochure of her new varieties and descriptions of all the flower, veggie and herb seeds she sells.

Now I don’t know Renee, but I went to her web site ( and found out that she actually is a real person and that the warm, homey feeling you get as you read her brochure carries right through to all the company’s business. Yes, there is a professional staff but she tries hard to stock organic seeds and she is very conscious of avoiding GM products. In addition she asks garden centres who stock her seeds to give away left over seed packets to non-profit organizations. Her seeds are being used around  the world – not just for outdoor education but also for sheer food production in places where fresh green veggies are an almost unimaginable luxury.

Oh, yes, and she’s in the business of selling seeds – carefully selected seeds from carefully selected growers. She’s been in the business for 24 years and has highly trained staff to support her. Her seed packets are attractive and have generous planting information on each.

Now maybe I’m just an innocent and all this is just marketing hype, but I don’t think so. I’ll be buying her seeds this year. Check out the website:


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