One Sunny Day!

In the midst of a week of fog we had a couple of hours of sun and blue skies yesterday afternoon. Suddenly my energy level jumped and I dug out my gardening shoes and began tidying some of the garden droopiness and deadness that has been annoying me for weeks.

First to go were the perennial fuchsias, cut back drastically. This revealed some variegated ivy straying where it was not wanted so that joined the pile. Then some very dried out-looking Spanish lavender was cut back – I’ll dig out the roots later. I cut back a couple of miniature roses that I somehow missed in the fall, raked a great heap of wet leaves and was done for the day.

How good it felt to be outside, doing something physical, making a difference to my daily garden-view. I was rewarded by seeing a couple of crocus shoots that had been hidden by the old leaves. Soon they will bloom and that will be better than ever.


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