Hunting for Spring

It’s the middle of January and I’m searching for signs of spring. Okay, I know I’m more than two months early but I am really looking forward to spring. In the garden a few daffodils are starting to sprout in a sunny spot. In Jackie’s garden the wych hazel is showing the tiniest signs that the yellow flowers will be blooming soon. This hammamelis mollis is always the first tree to bloom and it’s crazy yellow bad-hair-cut flowers are the most welcome blooms of the year.

Today was a little warmer than it has been for more than a month and we even got five minutes of weak sunshine. So I ventured down to Deas Island Park to walk. Driving down along the river I could see no ducks and no Canada geese but within the trees there were two pairs of mature bald eagles, one pair of them possessively on either side of last year’s nest.

In the park that was more snow remaining than I expected. On the slough there were still patches of ice. I looked for signs of new growth in the nettle bed but saw none. I saw no robins either, just juncos searching for seeds and flashing their white tail feathers.

Not many signs of spring, but I’ll keep looking.


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