Earth Stood Hard as Iron

After several days of unusual cold and a couple of snowfalls the south coast of British Columbia is definitely in the grip of winter even though there are officially two days of autumn left.

Just looking out of the window causes me to shiver. Walking Jet takes longer because of the time it takes me to get on two layers of jacket, shoes and gloves. She cannot decide whether she likes snow or not. When the salt truck has been past she is apt to step on granules of salt and limp sadly. On the other hand she sometimes forgets her age and jumps around like a puppy, shoving her nose into the snow then dashing through the trees in wild zig zags. Yesterday to her great delight there was a cat to chase up a tree. Because I seldom let her off the leash in the woods this was a rare treat. (To assuage my guilt I went past the tree an hour later and found it cat-less. Whew!)

Later we went down to Deas Island Park and found Deas Slough partly covered in ice, with snow built up on the ice. We could see ice on the river too, not much down here where the water is brackish, but still a rare sight nowadays. In the big bay just west of the Alex Fraser Bridge , out of the current, some ice had collected and there was more ice in the patches of reeds and rushes, snow covered and bleak.

A few Canada geese braved the water, here a pair and there a small flock, a family maybe. Little else seemed to be moving except for the sluggish flow of the current. Intermittently the sun reflected in the water but mostly the clouds obscured it.

Later the clouds disappeared and blue sky before sunset prepared us for a very cold night to come. I put out an extra ration of bird seed.


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