October stillness

We’ve had some beautiful sunny days but today there is the promise of rain later today. The sun has appeared only occasionally and the day is still.

I took Jet down to Deas Island Park and found a high tide almost obliterating the sand bar just east of the entrance, The water was still, not only in the river but also in Deas Slough. The reflections in the water of the slough were clear. I could see almost every leaf reflected back in perfect symmetry to the parent tree, held captive in the calmness and still water.

A lot of leaves have fallen and I slosh happily through their dry crispness. The trees are still holding on to quite a few leaves, waiting for a good blow to bring them down on to the grass and the pathway.

As I walked I noticed a cluster of palest pink blackberry flowers held hopefully toward the light.  They’re unexpected at this time of year and have no possible hope of developing into berries. Even if some errant bee should find them there is still insufficient light to ripen blackberries for midwinter. But they were pretty, all the more so for being a surprise.

Coming home I noticed groups of small fishing boats on the river, so there must have been an opening for them to catch one of the runs of salmon. The big freighters come through there, honking four times. It’s maritime code for “I’m coming through”, but the little fishing boats don’t seem to move until the last minute.


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