Clematis serendipity

Once in a while my garden gives me a delightful surprise. Serendipity. Something I would never have expected.

Last autumn I cut back my ‘Nellie Moser’ clematis quite severely. This spring’s cool wet weather di not encourage it to grow back. For weeks I thought it had died. Then it began to sprout, far too late to bloom, and I thought, ‘Well, at least it will bloom next year’. In mid August it began to bloom – big flowers with the distinctive deep pink petal rib.  Since spring-blooming clematis often have a later show of a few flowers I enjoyed it but didn’t expect more. But they keep coming! I have, in August and September, the full flush of spring bloom on my Nellie Moser clematis. What a bonus.

If that were not enough a different clematis, this one a very early blooming four-petalled white that climbs through my katsura tree, also bloomed this week. Not much (so far!), just a spray of half a dozen flowers high on the tree. This glorious vine – I don’t know the variety because I bought it at a sale, cheap as the tag had fallen off – delights me by blooming each February and March. I have no right to expect it to delight me again in late summer. But, serendpity again , that is just what it is doing.

Perhaps I should re-name my garden ‘Serendipity’.


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