The Business of Flowers

A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to visit Ecuador and I was taken to visit a rose farm. I hadn’t realized that Euador had a large flower industry. This farm was on a high plateau in the Andes and it grew roses for export to North America, Europe and Russia. We saw roses growing and roses of all colours being packed and sent off to the airport at Quito. roses are cheap in Ecuador. We were told that a man who gave his wife one or two dozen roses on their anniversary would be sleeping on the couch.

In this book – written by one of my favourite nature and gardening writers Amy Stewart – you are shown the commercial flower business from beginning to end and you follow it around the world. The writer chats with experts fom propagation to flower shop and she keeps the information thorough but light. It’s one of thsoe books where you are not really learning, you are meeting new friends.

Ever since I visited the rose farm I have thought more deeply about the flowers I see in the shops. Where were they grown? Why do we always see that one particular shade of red roses at Valentine’s Day? If you have ever wondered about the flowers you buy (or wish you could buy) read this book. t’s a good read and it’s one of my favourites.


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