It was a mixed up sunset tonight after a day of rain. At times the sunset was a strong golden glow. Then it would mist over, the mist grey, shading even to mauve. Then back to golden glow. An uncertain sunset, not knowing its direction.

The rain kept up almost all day, showery at first but later getting wound up and then (as my cousin would say) ‘raining stair rods’.

I don’t know if anyone has stair rods any more. I think perhaps they went out with rotary dial telephones and Mom doing the washing on Monday.

The rain had stopped as soon as dusk approached. At first I didn’t think we would get a sunset, then hesitantly the glow appeared, strengthened, yielded to mist, then became golden again in behind the mist.  A changeable sunset is unusual, I think. Generally, you can look out and tell “Oh, tonight it’s going to be a beauty. Red tinges, a few clouds, golden glow. Let’s be sure to watch this.” Or perhaps it is so dull that you don’t even bother to look out of the window. I can’t remember the last time I saw a sunset that couldn’t make it’s mind up.. Hmm…I shall have to add it to the repertoire of ‘sunsets I have known’.

The clearing bodes well for a better day tomorrow. The grass is definitely greener now and the dust washed off the maple leaves. With luck the mist will clear and take the rain with it.  Summer will be back.


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