New Website Offers Creative Nature Activities for Educators and Youth Leaders

Teachers, community groups and other youth group leaders looking for fun, educational and inspiring activities to engage children and youth in activities that involve the natural world, a new interactive website may be made to order.

The Bulb Project ( serves up a wide range of activities – from simple to involved, artistic to scientific – that are adaptable to many different age levels. The site is not aimed at children, but rather at teachers and youth group leaders in search of creative and fun learning experiences. What all the activities have in common is they learn about the miracles of nature via one of its most interesting creations, the flower bulb.

“We need to help reconnect our children and youth with the natural world,” says Marcia Eames-Sheavly, educational coordinator for the site. “Flower bulbs are a great gateway to help get them interested in gardening and growing things, while learning lessons in art, science, math, history and more along the way.”

The Web site is sponsored by the Netherlands Flower Bulb Information Center (NFBIC) in Danby, Vt. “Bulbs are a great teaching tool for many things in nature,” says Sally Ferguson, NFBIC director. “If you cut open a hyacinth you can see the embryonic flower inside. Bulbs are easy to plant and grow, indoors and out. Teachers and others looking for these kinds of projects have often approached us. This idea seemed timely.”


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